My chicks are dying off. Advice please?


7 Years
Oct 19, 2012
I got 4 chicks about 3 weeks ago. I'm new to this. The smaller americauna died first. I had found her struggling on her back and then within 24 hours she was dead. Then the larger Americuana died. Same pattern. The two small blacks are alive but listless and not eating or drinking or pooping much. Not chirping. Laying down. Last night I noticed that their vents were all clogged and I unclogged them using some warm water. I figure they've got some disease. Are they goners? What should I do?
No blood. Another data point is that these two remaining chicks have hardly grown. Bad flock?
Feeding them chick starter feed I got at the feed store. I think it's warm enough. Got them under a bulb that puts it at about 88F. I unclogged some very gunked up vents last night. Left the light on last night.
Pasty butt will kill chicks if left untreated. If you put a little olive oil on their butts, it will be easier to clean next time. Are you giving them lukewarm water? Try mashing up a hard boiled egg for them. Is the chick starter medicated? I think for them to have lived this long, its probably something you are doing or feeding. What are you using for bedding?

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