My chicks are eating dirt


8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
Is this ok? I read some people put dirt in the brooder to give them some entertainment and let them get some grit out of it, but they are picking up chunks of dirt and swallowing them. Now I dont reckon my chicks are a bunch of geniuses, but should I be worried?
are they getting enough to eat? if you're worried, cover the dirt with paper towels and encourage them to eat by giving them some yogurt or chopped up scrambled egg. if they don't have a mother hen to tell them what to eat, they'll just peck whatever they see on the ground.
Yeah it seems like they will take a break and go back to the food, but they put a serious dent in the dirt mound I put in there, so I just wasnt sure how well all that would digest...
Actually, it will probably just pass right through them. They're like any baby - put everything in their mouths... err... beaks. And swallowing it won't hurt them. It may even be beneficial, introducing them to things for which they need to build immunity.
Woke up this morning and they ate the whole mound!! They are about a week and a half old. I guess we'll see.
Are you leaving food for them 24/7. They need alot of food. I have 30 chicks their a month old & they ate 25 lbs in one week. I'm constantly filling their waterer & feeder.

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