My chicks are four weeks, are they ready?


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Feb 24, 2019
I plan to put them out in the coop, but currently they still have baby feathers on their stomach, butt area and head, do you think theyre able to go outside? I live in a warm enviroment, so theres no way except at night they could be cold


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Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
You may want to update your profile with your location, helps reponders to know your time zone, climate, predator possibilities, supply availability ....

That said, as A.M. Eggs does, I wait until they're fully feathered. If you're adding to an existing flock, you need to do the "See but no touch" method" for their safety.


Feb 19, 2017
Charlotte, NC
My chicks are 14 days old today and have been in the coop brooder since Saturday. Lower 30's at night and upper 50's during the day. They do well out there with the mama heat pad. I'll be integrating them with the big girls at 3 - 4 weeks old.
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Are your chicks off of all heat?
What is the temperature in the room you are keeping them?
Do you currently have chickens in the coop?
Where is your warm environment?
If you add your general location to your profile, it will be under your avatar, so we won't have to keep asking you. A lot of questions are answered according to your weather.


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Sep 6, 2018
Nawlins, Louisiana
4 weeks is fine outside unless it's really chilly but you do need to acclimate them to outdoor temperatures if they've been inside a temperature controlled environment all this time.
How long does it take to acclimate? Mine are three weeks old.. they have been inside and it’s pretty warm in there.. I put them out to play on warmer days and they seem to get chilled fairly quickly.. I was gonna put them out tomorrow but put the heat light where they can warm up if needed.. also, have been turning the light off at times during the day..
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