My chicks are grounded!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by LI chickie, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    My 6 chicks are about 6 months old. I've been letting them out of their run for some free time daily since they were tiny babies. They normally stay in the horse corral or barn. I began unsupervised free time months ago and I would check on them periodically.
    Well yesterday around 3 I let them out and went inside. About 4:30 I went out back and not a chicken to be found. I'm calling "come on girls" while shaking the mealworm bag, nothing.
    I jump on my bicycle mealworm bag in hand and go around the corner. They were in a neighbors wooded yard and came running to me thru the broken fence. I grab one bike back home, thru her in the run and when back. Grabbed the 2nd chick biked back and thru her in the run. This time I went back on foot thru the back of my yard shook the bag of treats and the 3 girls followed me to the run.
    Well that left my skittish Golden Laced Wyandotte still running loose. After a failed attempt to corner her and catch her I figured she was raccoon food for sure. Over an hour of trying to coax her around the fence she finally squeezed under the fence where I dug a hole for her.
    Tonight I secure the perimeter no free range till further notice, chickens on lock down!
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    Sep 19, 2014
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    Mine are pinned up, too... I underestimated my booted bantam's ability to fly into the dog fence... You can imagine how that turned out...
    My sebrights can fly even higher!
    They're staying caged up today
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    Apr 7, 2015
    Long Island
    So I went home that night pulled out the old rolls of deer fencing we had, climbed thru the brush getting smacked in the face by branches, trying desperately to avoid anything that even remotely resembles poison ivy or any of the sort. I secured the back fence and the girls can't get out!
    Ok so they were kind of grounded for the day.
    Life reruns to normal I resume letting the girls out before & after work.
    We went away for the weekend so when I got home because I felt so bad the girls were denied their daily outings 1st stop let them out. I go in the house for about 2 hours cleaning. I come out to go in the basement and see somebody's chickens in the front yard! I'm that somebody they were my chickens. How the heck they got from the horse corral into the front yard I didn't have a clue.
    One "good" chicken was still in the run. So shaking my mealworm jar they com running. I catch #1 carry her in the back then I catch the other 3. I'm getting really good at this I carried 2 chickens at a time.
    Ok so now 5 chickens locked back in the run and my flaky Golden Wyandote is still on the loose. After a failed attempt at catching her I watched her go in between my chainlink & my neighbors chainlink. Well that runs all the way to the horse corral. So there she was trying to get back in the run with her sisters. Guess I'll be doing fence work tonight too.
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    Just like kids, they find the one area you want them to stay out of!!! Good luck, you are one step closer[​IMG]

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