my chicks are having a hard time breathing!

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    May 22, 2008
    this is our third time hatching chickens. we have a foam bater. the first two times we added to much water to the bater. literately drowned them through the air sack. this time we added a table spoon on day 14 and a table spoon on day 19. they hatched on day 21, had about 65% hatch. we left them in the bater for a day. when they were dried and fluffy we moved them in to a box with a heat lamp, food and water they were drinking and eating good. after a week we put them in our chick house, it looks like a dog house, we use pine shaveings on the floor they have a heat lamp and food and water in there. we feed them chick starter. they have a big area so they can get away from the heat if needed to.

    we had four die so far, they are sitting there, there beaks are wide open and panting, when we pick them up they don't skirmish, eyes closed, there bellies feel hard, we were wondering if to give them (teramiasen )?. they dont have any liquid coming from there mouth,
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    It sounds like they are too hot! Can they move away from the heat? Make sure they have an escape from the heat lamp. I'm sorry you are having thia problem, I hope you can figure it out soon![​IMG]

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