My chicks are sounding an alarm, do I turn back on the heat lamp or...


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May 18, 2011
I turned off the heat lamp today and my 3 chicks are crying, crying, crying. Are they cold or is it the dark? They are in the house where it is 70. I went in to check on them and they are standing under the heat lamp looking up at it. Thanks for any suggestions. I hate to hear them cry.

Oh, sorry, they are 5 weeks old.
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It's not unusual for them to do this when they are suddenly in the dark. They will get used to it, really, and all will be well. I think I've only had this happen to me for one night.
My chicks are 6 weeks old and it is by NO means cold in the brooder... I dont have heat on them anymore and they actually live outside now but when I would turn off the lights in the room at night they would carry on something terrible. They prob just need to get used to the dark. I would usually stand there and talk to them and shhhhh them for a minute or two and they would calm down. Don't let them bully you into keeping the heat on...they should be fine at 5 weeks old
I did this for a few minutes so I could candle the eggs in the incubator that are in the same room as the brooder. The baby freaked out (who is in with his momma) but was fine after a few minutes. I guess he decided he was too tired to put up any more fuss, so went back to sleep.
Thank you, we will be looking forward to a quieter night tonight. My 5 year olds (who don't have a night light but do have flashlights available) wanted a night light for the chicks, but I think we will hold firm.

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