My chicks at 26 day hatch


Sep 11, 2021
Hello everyone, I just thought I would put up a picture of my 7 chicks that hatched at day 26 without any issue other than being so late. I live in remote outback Australia and we have a lot of power outages. I was not aware that during the night we had lost power, I had no pips at day 21, still I didnt cotton on to low temperature setting as my incubator was running as normal so I thought. On day 22 did I notice temp was slightly lower than should be, I corrected the temp, and waited, day 23, still nothing, day 24 still nothing, day 25 was sooo close to opening up the incubator and checking, but I held on, day 26, heard faint chirping, saw through window 2 had started pipping, 7 hatched out all without intervention, last 2 eggs candled were quitters estimating at around 2 weeks in. I remember my very first hatching chicken from incubator years ago, I had learnt from my mistakes, getting so worried and opening the incubator when I shouldn't have. It was still hard for me to just wait it out this time, but reading other people have had successful hatches at day 26 gave me courage to wait it out. Thank you to all on here, that have shared those stories and helped me hold on.


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