My Chicks Have brown poop...Is this bad?

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    May 15, 2010
    Hello to everyone. I am new to the chicken world (so far I love it) but I have bred parrots for many years which is a total different ball game. I have acquired 8 cinnamon queen pullets on 4-20, 3 easter egger pullets on 05-01 and then a cockerel easter egger and 3 polish straight runs. Last week I placed my older chicks outside for a little while under close supervision. I noticed thet their poop was brown and slightly watery, but not too much. One even had pasty butt which I took care of. I contaced the hatchery where I purchased the chicks from and they advised me that I needed to treat my chicks with Sulmet. I have been treating them for 5 days and they still have brown poop, which the hatchery said was bad. Has anyone else dealt with this or know what it is and are my chicks gonna be ok (I'm kinda attached already). As a newbie, I am open to any and all suggestions. The overall health of the chickens appear very well. They are very active and eat and drink well. Their cloaca is clean and no more pasty butts. I have checked the chicken poop page from the UK and the droppings look like Ceacal droppings. Thank you in advance for any advice!!!
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    who wants to know?

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