My chicks just did the cutest thing at bedtime


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Mar 27, 2011
I am a new momma to a mix of 11 one month old chicks who I have been trying to get to snuggle but have been fairly frightened of me despite my best efforts at holding them and treats. Today was hot (I am in Maine so Hot is all relative - 80 ish) so I opened the garage door (where the brooder is) to give the girls some fresh air and unplugged the heat lamp. When I went in tonite to close it up, they were all snuggled together in a little ball, sleeping. It was not cold, so I know it wasnt because the lamp was off. I tried to give them a night time snack but they were too sleepy! So I picked one up to see if they wanted to eat some spiders off the wall, and it happened to be an Ameracauna (who is very skittish) and she stayed right with me, snuggled, hopped up on my shoulder and refused to get down! I let her stay there for 5 minutes or so and then put her back into the brooder box. Then I tried with a RIR, and she cuddled right into my hands and fell asleep! Apparently, this is their bedtime! I just closed up shop and plugged the heat lamp back in, and they are all passed out asleep. How CUTE! Probably all that fresh air!!
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Mine are 2 days old. They were just settling in for naps, and I picked up one of the Jersey Giant girls and sat down with a glass of wine. I stroked her soft, fluffy head, and she fell asleep. I stopped petting her, she opened her eyes, looked at me and snuggled into my hand further and went to sleep!
All mine are very frightened of humans
I'm afraid of handling them too much, but maybe I should start. One of my babies got a sticky bottom... spent 10 minutes rubbing peanut butter on her to get the dried poop off ... I think that was traumatizing enough maybe I should leave them alone for a couple days. Her buddy peeped loudly while I took her inside to clean her up. When I got back she was perched on top of the waterer faithfully waiting for her return!
I have three 4 week old Buff O's and they are all loves. They all want to be near me, on me, petted, kissed... honestly... I never thought I could be so attached to chickens.

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