my chicks keep dying..

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  1. tara gilbert

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Helllo... my specked hen for the first time in 4yrs has started to nest and has stayed ive left all the eggs under by one the chickes have hatched and have died born fully formed!!!..what could be the cause of this??
    Is it me not keeping a very very good eye on them or am doing something or may it be down to the speckled hens lack of knowledge..
    Im very sure she knows was expected of her as after all she has the instinct to sit on her clutch..
    All my hens are freerange and mumma hen i thought would be warm enuff for the chicks so i havent but in a heat lamp.
    Please can anyone help me as im just as new to this as my hen is and all knowledge from u ladies and gentlemen will help loads.x.x.x Tara
  2. justtoni44

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Hi and [​IMG]
    I am sorry this is happening............
    I can't help because I have not had the problem but am sure
    someone will help that knows more....
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    Some hens will go broody, but not make good mothers. Are you sure she's not squishing or suffocating them? If they hatch fully, they had to be alive to hatch. If they are still in the shells dead, then that would be an incubation issue.

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