My chicks keep knocking over their water and food!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cleoppa, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. cleoppa

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    Sep 28, 2010
    OK, so I have my first chickies. Eight little birdies. They're now 25 days old. I have the plastic bottle feeders and waterers. White bottle, red bottom. The chickies are in a cardboard box. They either throw all their pine shavings in their food/water, or knock it over, or both. I tried putting the water on top of a inverted pan, but they knocked it over. I tried putting it on top of an inverted pot dish, but they knocked it over and threw shavings in it. Is there any good way to keep them from knocking over their water and/or knocking shavings in them?
  2. Fred's Hens

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    You might try a more "adult" sized equipment. A two gallon waterer and similar sized feeder. They'll not knock those over. Your birds are approaching 4 weeks of age and will need to go out to the coop in just a few weeks, if you are able to do so. They are VERY active, strong, flighty and ambitious at this age. You don't say how large their brooder is, but at this age, they need lots of space. I also start using a netting or another "top" over the brooder at that age. They'll learn quickly to fly right up to 3' high ledges in just a few more days.

    I also like to place the feeder and waters up on a couple half, cinder block "platform". This raises everything up above the loose bedding. They should have plenty of room to comfortably eat and drink on this platform. Best regards and enjoy your new "hobby".
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    I agree with using a larger size waterer if possible. In the past I have also used a piece of wire to tie the waterer to the side of the brooder to keep them from knocking it over.
  4. LaynaDon95

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    Jan 18, 2012
    Yup, being that old you should probably just get a bigger feeder/waterer. I'm having the same problem with my 5-6 week olds. They have a plenty big enough waterer, but the are using little mason jar feeders (without the mason jar) And they knock those over all the time. I'm gonna have to get them bigger feeders.
  5. Fierlin1182

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    Aug 26, 2011
    I agree with using a larger waterer. (We used a large ceramic bowl which the chicks had no chance of knocking over :p)

    As for not knocking shavings in, I had two compartments of the brooder, one with bedding and one without. We put the water bowl in the second, so that if they did spill any water, we wouldn't have to change the bedding.
  6. bj taylor

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    Oct 28, 2011
    North Central Texas
    i put mine up on a heavy flat stone. it kept a lot of the shavings out & they never knocked it over. they used the little quart jar w/red plastic bottom until 3 wks old when they moved to the coop. then i got a bigger one & it is suspended & has been raised to adjust to their height.

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