My Chicks lay down with his/she's foot sticking out..?


6 Years
Mar 24, 2013
Hi! Whenever I let my chicks outside, when they lay down, they stick one of there foot out. And no, they are not stretching. Instead of sticking them out form there behind, they stick there leg out at kind of the side. Not both legs but only one. They only do this when they lay down. They don't do this very often but when i do I poke them until they get up. And it seems like they only do this outside. I never saw them do this within there brooder. Is it normal? Somebody help!
It's very normal. My chicks do this when they are warm and soaking up the heat. The bigger ones seem to do it more often than the younger ones.
YEs, mine have done it in the brooder as well as outside. At first I thought they were hurt till I saw an older hen do the same thing.
My Dominique chicks do this also. Glad to read this here. They are bright and alert, and seem quite healthy, so I wasn't too worried. Sometimes they stretch out a wing too, and half-close their eyes... they look like they are lounging by the pool!

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