My Chicks, My Coop what next?

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  1. Pics at the end of the post

    The Agway called today and we went and picked up our final batch of chicks. I had gotten 3 Australops on April 12 from a farmer about an hour away.. I have no idea what sex they are.. [​IMG] knowing my luck I picked 6 roosters. They have been thriving..

    I got 7 Barred Rocks today and 2 RIR (raising for a friend, although the kids will be crushed to see them go) they are Day Olds.. They have their own space, not with the Aussies yet..

    Our coop arrived on Sunday..


    The Aussies are VERY interested in what is in the cage next to theirs. One in particular was pacing up and down the side of the cage and trying to get out and get into the other space.. I think he is a rooster.. he is so tall and has a long tail feathers..

    so, what next?

    I'd like to let the older guys out in the yard.. but I'm not convinced they'll not run away.. they scatter whenever we approach the cage, even though we got them at 3 days old and have been handling them and hand feeding them. I did put them out on the lawn under their wire top and they cackled and peeped up a storm..but loved it.. except when I transfered them back into their cage.. I'd feel terrible if they scattered.. [​IMG]

    The older ones are jumpers.. and one hit its head on the top of the cage.. guess it means they should transfer to the coop. We dont' have the run built yet, so they'd be confined inside until we do.. and they are too big to fit between the chicken wire..

    Should I get some DM to feed them? I want to be as "natural" as possible with them.. once they are fully grown they will be wandering in the yard and not confined..

    How to get them more people friendly.. I read how some chicks are perching on their owners and I'd love to have these chicks be friendly and follow us all around..

    What makes a good roost for this age?

    I think those are all my questions for now.. If you think that one is a Roo, lmk.. DH is convinced

    The First Arrivals, the Australops at 3 days old

    The coop arrives

    The newbies and a pic of the suspect roo at the end
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    That first Australorp pic is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! [​IMG]

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