My chicks smell HORRIBLE!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by newtothis, Mar 22, 2013.

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    So we have had chickens for a few years now and this batch is the first time I have noticed a smell. They are 5 weeks old and they stink! Not the brooder ( I change that up pretty regularly). but if you get a whiff of the chicks they smell so stinky! Is this normal?? They are outside during the day now and I bring them in at night since they aren't ready to be introduced to the other 2 ladies we have. Thoughts on what it is?? Do I actually give them a bath? My other 2 hens that are about 3 don't smell at all and are obviously outside day and night!! The smell is too much when we all get up in the morning...stinky house!!!

  2. At 5 weeks they are more than likely ready for the outdoors anyway huh? Maybe a good dust bath station outside will give them a fresh scent. Best of wishes. At least they don't like refusing to the taking of baths like my kids do. Ha!
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    Mine seemed to be getting smelly too but I discovered a bunch of wet pine shavings under their waterer last night when I was doing a complete brooder clean out. The shavings on top were completely dry and there wasn't a big build up of poop yet but the place was smelling bad due to the wet bedding. This morning the smell is gone and I was greeted by 6 happy pine-scented chicks.

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