my chicks temp daytime housing

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    Mar 17, 2011
    My hubby has finally got started on the coop last week after 6 weeks and 30 inches of rain and has it all framed up and when he gets back home next weekend he's going to finish the rafters and put the siding up and the tin on the roof but in the mean time my chicks
    (6-9 weeks old) are residing in a large tent during the day because the temps are supposed to get close to 90 for the next 3 days with 90% humidity and in the shop where they usually stay will be way to hot for them and i've moved the younger 3-4 weeks olds into the big brooder box and have turned the fan on low so at least they will be some air moving they have been in the tent with the older ones under supervision i would put everyone in the tent durning the day but i don't have a way to section them off from older ones the tent itself has mesh sides and i've got bricks along the bottom on the inside flap so they can't get out and have a roll of welded wire wrapped it around the tent like a fence to keep critters out(mainly the neighbors cat) and my curious pups who are only out when i'm home i'm wondering if i can trust this set up for a night time coop for my 9 week olds because they are roosting on the edges of the brooder box closest to the younger ones (all the brooder boxes are connected just sectioned off) and they are getting in with the younger ones and are eating their food and are pooing on them when they are roosting on the edges i don't want to lose anyone but i've got to do something

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