My chicks went outside for the first time today!!!!!

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  1. chicken_china_mom

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    I took my 5 week old chicks outside for the first time today and while the Wyandottes initially enjoyed themselves very much, they did not like the winds and when the winds picked up they would all dash back inside the carrier and give me a look like "Turn off the wind mom!" It was funny. But overall everyone had fun. Here are some pictures:

    Here is when I first brought the Wyandottes out:

    Here is a pic of nearly everyone:

    Here are my Amber Sexlinks: Omlette is the larger of the two dark ones, Poachy is the white one, and Amber is the small and darkest one:

    And here is my little guy Pip. This is the one we're fairly certain is a Sebright. I love this little guy, he's sooooooo sweet!:

    I have to go to a 4-H poultry meeting now, but I will post more pics later. They had fun and they were so relaxed out there that one laid down on her side and went to sleep! It was funny! I love my chickens!

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    The second pic reminds me of all the clowns piling out of one car.....all them chickens in that one carrier????

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They look healthy and happy. Good for you.

  3. LilbitChicken

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    May 5, 2009
    Love the photos![​IMG]
  4. chicken_china_mom

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    Yeah, we had a joke going on, "How many chickens can you fit into one carrier?" Lol. No, actually we kinda brought them out in increments. First the Wyandottes, then the Sexlinks and Pip the Sebright, then like 3 or 4 Cochins at a time until nearly everybody was outside. My neighbor's daughter has been wanting some Barred Cochins so I ended up bringing all of them out so she could pick a pair out to buy. So the birds had a good day out and I made a sale! Only downside is I ended up with sunburn and had to sit through a 4-H poultry meeting last night with my arms and one ear burning fiercely. I bought Bactine last night and I feel MUCH better today! Too bad it's raining or I'd bring them out again. I work this afternoon and all the way through til Sunday. So they won't get to go out again til Monday. But I am sure they will love it then too! Unless their new coop is here by then. I can't wait for it to arrive!!!

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