my chicks were sleeping @ 4 A.M. (question from the chicks)


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Southwestern, In
My 13 yr old daughter, (thechickengoesrawr) woke me up this morning around 5:30 ~ 6 A.M. ish, just to tell me she woke up at 3A.M. went to feed the chicks in the coop at 4 a.m., and they were still asleep! Imagine that! I told her? She said "Yeah! They were roosting and everything!" Anyway, I'm sure the chicks looked at her like she was on drugs or something! Imagine being a rooster, and a kid wakes you up at 4 am, by openin' the coop door and hollaring "cock~a~doodle~do!" The chicks I'm sure want to know why she's behaving this way, and what can do to to make her stop doing that?! LOL! Thanks!
I think we may have found the solution for roosters that wake everyone up by crowing too early--send your kids out to wake him up early so he knows how it feels to have his night interrupted

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