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  1. Gender?? Best Pics I Could Get of them

    CHICK 1


    CHICK 2


    CHICK 3


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    Feb 24, 2009
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    How old are they? They're so cute! It looks like they're trying to dust bath on your carpet! haha I'm not the best guesser.....
  3. lol they were trying to dust bathe on it. they wouldnt stay still haha. I looked on my calander cuz i couldnt remember correctly. i thought they were 6 weeks old. but there only 5 Weeks old.
  4. Any other guesses????
  5. fancyfeathers38

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    Nov 15, 2011
    Boy, Girl, Girl. Still a bit difficult to tell.
  6. the reason im in a hurry to find out is because my parents want me to get rid of them this weekend and i can only keep a few girls. i would like to keep these but dont want to give up the wrong ones. all boys must go
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  7. looks like all pullets, they have pretty pale and small combs, but im going to guess on my own chickens and ill tell you how accurate i am (prolly get like 1 right??)

  8. lol thank u for ur guess.

    Im actully thinking that the Wyandotte cross is a male, it has red wattles already and its combs getting pink. also its slower feathering than its hatch mates
  9. that chick 2?? he does have some red wattles but their awfully small but then again, i dont guess well. But last year i got like an 80% right? i think? i got most of them right mostly since we had 2 roos, a delaware and a silkie, but it may have been 2 silkie roos [​IMG] We have chicks likee every year but i dont really remember how many i get right. the day we get our chicks (TWO MORE DAYS) im gonna guess, i know i will be wrong since im going to guess them all hens LOL
  10. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    my guess is cockerel cockerel pullet. 1st one has a bigger comb than the last one even though its not red yet, also its legs are thicker than the last one's to (i dont go by that to much though). 2nd by the wattles and comb, both have red in them already, also the thick legs. 3rd has the smallest comb and legs out of the 3 chicks
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