My childrens first church experiance...funny story!

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    My DH and I decided it was time to get back into church. We have been absent for about 5 years due to moving out of the area and then back, pregnancies and other life stuff. About 2 years ago we got invited to go to a church service with a couple of friends, not of our faith, but we took our 6, 3, and 2 year olds to see how they would do and of course they did fine. Our now 8 year old has been wanting to go back since last summer, we did vacation bible school with the two older ones, and so we decided to try again with all of them. By 9:30 when we were leaving the house i was ready to pull my hair out!! All boys dressed nicely, girls in dresses, diaper bag packed and ready to go and....out to the chicken coop they run as fast as they can! 9:45 finally, all changed and we are on the road, kids screaming, baby crying and all the time i just pray that we make it to church. It was great going back and seeing our pastor and the kids ran off to sunday school, which gave us a break to talk and to re-meet all the friends we havent seen for a while. Well, I forgot that they bring the kids back before the end of the there we are. My 8 year old listening very closely, my 5 year old " are we done yet?", my 3 year old doesnt really want to be there but everyone thinks she is cute so she doesnt care, now my 2 year old twins are bouncing on the benches, pointing at the lights, trying to pick the flowers out of the boxes that were set up for easter. All the while my DH has his head burried in his hands trying not to laugh of embarrassment and me, breastfeeding my 3 month old. If i could have raced out i would have. Then during offering my sons(2) walks right up the isle to our pastor, takes the bread and the grape juice, yells bye-bye and the entire church is laughing so hard it took a while to continue the service! By the end we just wanted to leave but the kids wanted juice and cookies so we went to the back to mingle, waiting for someone to say something about our unrully kids...but no, they all said they were so well behaved and such a pleasure to have they hope to see us next week!!!!! WHAT?????? People i didnt even know helped feed my twins, took the older kids to go see a large rescue dog in the back and held the baby so i could drink my coffee in peace for once! We will be going back next week. I guess it is in times like this that your faith is tested...along with everyones!
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    So glad you are going back to Church.

    There are too few Americans that have any religion anymore.
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    that is too funny! Most people that go to church have kids too and know that kids and kids and the parents are more embarassed than anyone else is annoyed.

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