My Cochin X Araucana cross chick... OWL

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  1. Many of you already know owl... his pictures are below... I left my camera at work so I cant take any update pics. but will try to get some tonight for tomorrow...

    Im even more confused... In the pen, there are cochin and arucanas... ONLY... no other bird... the birds have not been exposed to any other bird... Owl has the leg feathers of the Cochin, and the ear tufts of the araucana mom... Last night i was taking a CLOSE look at Owl's feathers... and they are Frizzled... how did that happen? Can a mutation just occur? How can Owl's feathers be frizzled?

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    How do you know he is frizzled? I have some cochins that looked frizzled when they feathered in, but they are all smoothing out now. I think cochins have so many feathers that sometimes they just grow in funny.

    but...I do believe that frizzle genetics are recessive, so it could show up even from smooth parents.
  3. one of owl's grandparents could have been frizzled cochin and so he's gotten some of the traits. However how old is he now? those pics were the 12th so that was 9 10 days ago... sometimes chicks just get curly feathers as they are coming in, but will smooth out. You never know - lol.
  4. ok.. I can wait it out... see what happens, but the reason I think they are frizzled is because his flight feathers have come in and they are not smooth... ill take a picture to show you tomorrow. Thanks guys
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    One of my silver laced cochins grew in like that - the flight feathers were up-turned and I got all excited. I even posted this pic here on BYC and everyone said it was definitely a frizzle:


    This is what she looks like today:

  6. oH... Then theres hope for him... I like frizzle, but wanted him to be a normal chicken... not frizzled..
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    You're so lucky to get the tufts! I hatched 2 araucana x cochin- they came out crazy colors, not rumpless or tufted, and with feathered legs. I'm going to try it the other way around (cochin x araucana) and hope to get some rumpless babies eventually. My girls are awful layers right now though- I can't even save any eggs up [​IMG]
  8. I crossed my Turken with my Araucana male this past spring and got 4 babies... and born I had:

    1 naked neck rumpless,
    1 naked neck with tail,
    1 normal rumpless, and
    1 normal with tail baby...

    I got the genetic jack pot on that cross, one of each.

    There are 3 New owl Pics added to post 1.
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  9. I don't think he'll mature frizzled - I've seen pics on here of more noticable curls turning smooth with age. I bet by the time he or she has their first maybe second molt I bet all the frizzling is gone. [​IMG]
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    What does Owl look like now? I have some rumpless Araucana crosses too, they are so cute. Mine are standards, the rooster is true Araucana and the hens are Ameraucana and Maran

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