My Cockatiel's Bird Friend Killed By Cat


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Apr 30, 2013
Background: I've had my female cockatiel (Luna) since the day my mom got the birds from a friend. I remember I found Luna (female) and Silver (male) in the garage one day. Anyway Silver flew away a long time ago after a freak accident, so Luna lost her mate. So we went to the Bird Store to get Luna a new friend, which looked just like Silver. We named him Maxwell. Well my dad has bird allergies, so we leave the bird cage in the backyard to give them some fresh air and to give my Dad relief from his allergies. So we leave them out in the day time and bring them back in before sunset. We've doing this for five months now and it's been okay till today.

Today I came back from work and to my horror I found Luna by herself in the cage...and a pile of feathers and blood on the concrete. I saw an orange cat scamper off with Maxwell in its mouth. It's really hard to type this. Luna was screaming and I immediately brought her in and told her sorry sorry over and over again. I sat with her sobbing and talking to her. Luna calmed down a few hours after the incident, she's chilling on my desk right now. Her shaking has gone down and she stopped crying.

Right now, I ask you the community what I should do. Should I buy another bird for Luna? Has anyone else gone through this. I'm sorry this is my first time taking care of birds and I looked for an answer all over the internet but couldn't find it. T

Thank you so much for reading.

I understand this is a livestock forum but I found someone's story similar to mine. Thank you
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Apr 3, 2011
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So sorry to hear about your loss. I also have cockatiels, but I have never had an experience like yours. Luna has had a rough experience and she needs time to settle. Bringing a new bird into her life would not be good .Just add to her stress. Let her calm down and spend time with you. Later, if both she and you are ready, then you can get her a mate.


Jun 17, 2020
If you can't keep your birds in the house, you probably should not have them. And yes I know I am replying to an old post but I can't go back in time to make myself see it earlier. This is also for anyone else who looks and wants to know. Pet Cockatiels should never be left outside unattended in a small cage, there are cats, hawks, raccoons and other critters that will prey on them given the opportunity. Find a place in your home like room or such away from your father and if you can't get your own place or find a friend who can take them, better then the bird being killed for no reason.

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