My cockerel almost choked to death

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    Jul 21, 2016
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    While all is well now we had a scary moment yesterday. My cockerel (named Phat) started making a noise that sounded like sneezing. Over and over. Then his comb and wattles turned purple then blueish. I realized he was choking so I ran over to him and started to massage his crop. This did not help and he was looking at me like "please help me". So I thought what about the Heimlich manuver....?
    I had no idea how to do that on a chicken but it thought he was dead if I didn't try. What could it hurt?
    I used the heel of my hands on each side of his rib cage close to his sternum and made a few quick thrusts.
    I couldn't believe it but he started breathing and his comb and wattles turned red again.
    Phat is doing great and lively as ever. I just had to share!
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    Wow! You're a lifesaver! [​IMG]

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