my cockerel can't crow?

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  1. I have 3 7+ week old cockerels and as I was sitting and watching them, one of them was laying in the shade and would open his mouth big, like he wants to crow, but not a sound came out. I felt his crop, but it seemed fine (though I'm no expert) he doesn't seem irritated or anything. He still can peep a little noise. What I'm wondering is, is he just too young, and the sound won't come out? (there was no sound whatsoever) or could it be possible that he will grow up to be a roo that can't crow?

    He is the one chicken I have that loves to come up to me and fly onto my arm, and he's a leghorn! I adore him, but was planning on giving the roos away. If he can't crow, I'd keep him!

    Is this possible? Or could he have been trying to burp or something, LOL ??? I think the other two are crowing, or at least one of them is!
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    Sometimes mine are trying to get something they ate to go down and will open their mouths and hold their heads up. Looks like they are trying to crow but all of mine are girls or I have a roo that lays eggs.
  3. ROFL, I knew it was too good to be! I happen to adore that one dingaling, he's adorable, but he'll undoubtedly have to go :(

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