My cockerel is attacking his sister and she is scared


In the Brooder
Oct 15, 2020
These two chickens were always close together.

I got them when they were a month old.

They run together. Eat together and even sleep together on each other.

One turned into a cockerel.

For some weird reason, this cockerel is attacking this small hen.

He kicks her and pecks her if ever she is close to him.

She just want to be with him and eat together and be together.

He seems to want to do things alone now. He tries to mount other hens etc.

This poor baby hen makes depressed sounds and runs away when she see him. She seems to be half dead mentally.

I seperated them but she is the lowest of pecking order and she is alone now.
Your chick was always a boy, he just got hormones. he's a rooster, acting like a rooster. Your Pullet will be fine once she gets used to her new position.

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