My cockerel randomly died, hen is sick..


7 Years
Jul 10, 2013
Sheffield UK
A couple of days ago, my cockerel wasn't himself, he usually runs around attacking people, but Monday he was really off, not really eating, all his feathers fluffed up, the typical poorly bird look, I also noticed that over the last month, both my cockerels comb goes blue/black now and then, mainly on the tips, I heard that's lack of blood circulation and can be because they're cold, but it's not really been cold, and it's warm in the shed, not sure if that had anything to do with his death, but when I checked in the shed Monday night, he wasn't roosting and he was just on the same spot on the floor, he was really good with me, I was always able to pick him up, and I did so to check him over, and his comb was cold, I thought he'd be fine, the next day he was dead, I was absolutely gutted, but then I also noticed my new hen I bought a couple of weeks ago was "light" no food in hercrop, perching, away from the others and not holding herself right, I picked her up, well turned her upside down so I could get a good feel of her breast bone, and it was so pointy and horrible, and when I turned her upside down, water came out of her mouth? I spoke to my grandad and he said she was going to die because it's her liver or something, then my other grandad told me to try this medicine stuff in her water, I used a syringe, and she wasnt fighting with me, I gave her the medicated water, today she was out of the shed, having the odd peck, a lot more perkier, I used the syringe again, this time she was fighting, I managed to get some down her, even some yogurt, I just wondered if anyone knew anything and could help? The picture is my cockerel that died, he's a little blue on his tips but it did get a lot worse.....
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blue tips/ off colour comb usually mean bad circulation and heart problems, chances are he either had a heart attack ( some times this happens even in seemingly healthy birds , they just suddenly die) or he could have been sick with his immune system down. its good that she is feeling better and fighting back, even though this makes treating them harder haha

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