my cockerel wobbles and jiggles


11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
Southern Iowa
I have a little cockerel who I just noticed yesterday is wobbly on his feet and sometimes kinda trips over himself. He doesn't have bumblefoot. He's a couple months old, mixed breed. I had to cull a little EE earlier this summer who developed leg problems early on, and eventually couldn't walk correctly and keep up with mama. He was alert and active, just walked wrong. I've got the same thing with this new one. He runs all over the yard (in a funny kinda way) and eats, drinks, etc. Is this probably a slipped tendon issue? I know they are getting decent food and such. Could this be a genetic problem due to some inbreeding? He is a product of a mother/son cross, most likely. He was on the freezer camp list anyway, but I'm just wondering if anybody thinks this is a disease symptom, or just a physical problem.

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