My Cokatiel is an ambitious flyer.

Jul 13, 2018
Southern California
Hi, guys my cockatiel is kind of acting a little weird. He seems to be flying really fast and crashing hard into my bed. He seems healthy. His droppings are a normal color and he’s eating and drinking water. But, I’m thinking of maybe clipping his wings. He seems to fly really hard into objects and he’s about 5-6 months old. So, when and should I clip his wings? Thanks in advance!


Crossing the Road
7 Years
Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
Indoors it is best to clip their wings especially if they are confined to one room. There are just so many hazards indoors and cockatiels do tend to crash into things. They can still fly a little way even with clipped wings and he may try and crash a bit until he's used to not being able to fly far. The sooner the better is probably a good idea and you'll need to do it every time he molts and starts growing new flight feathers. When he's a bit older he may cope just fine being fully flighted but young ones (they mature around 9 months to a year old) are more flighty.

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