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    Finally got an avitar up! It's me and our "little" red roan paint colt Squirt (who is really more of a tank [​IMG] ). He's the most loving horse I've ever known and at 4 months i'm impressed. He's right at the fence when you're out side waiting for someone to scratch his chest funniest strory to follow:

    Playing fetch with my Blue Heeler, Squirt stands at the fence watching moving his head to follow where my pup is running. Once it started to get dark my pup lost track of the stick. Well Squirt wasn't having this so he starred at the stick for a while the started tossing his head around and bucking as if to say, "You dumb dog, let me out of the fence and I'll get the stick. It's right THERE!" [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Oh I love them! [​IMG]
    too lazy to stand and eat
    day two in the world
    at 3 months old

    can't quite figure out how to put pictures on the BYC page yet so they're here for now
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    Your colt sounds like he has a sweet personality! You need to post some pics of him on your BYC page!!! [​IMG]

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    Apr 2, 2009
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    Please post more pics - he looks like a real beauty in your avatar!
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    awwww how cute!!! Yes! yes! more pictures!!!
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    By popular request... here's some more of the sweetheart. (Look at those hind quarters, shoulders and neck! He's going to master those cows someday. (While his 1/2 sister would look better in black leather aka english. Her legs go on forever)

    Here is Bug, Squirt's half sister (Same sire) at birth she was .3 hands taller than Squirt at the time...and born 31 days after him!
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    Mar 30, 2009
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    Awwww isnt it great watching them learn and explore!
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    Beautiful! I LOVE Paints! Mine are old and simi retired.

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