my coop project (lots of UPDATES, new pictures >Sept.29)

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  1. Well I know I need a bigger building at some point and with a little luck we will get it this fall or next spring at the lastest but for now my wife and I have been renovating an older building on our property. It will be the main coop and then later (once new bulding is built) be the BROODER coop.


    It's 22x14.

    Yes it's needs some work I gutted it (interior) last fall.

    This week I took out old broken, rotten windows and doors. I framed them in new 2x6.


    We found a used steel door with window and handle in a frame. So bought it!

    No luck on the used windows, so we bought some new ones. With the amount of projects on my TO DO LIST this summer, I had very little time to waste. I have been searching since last fall for windows, I could no longer wait.

    So here is a piture with door and windows installed from the back door of my house the chickens will have most the space you see in the photo minus a pathway plus more as they have atleast twice that much room a the back of the property.


    We ordered the lumber to frame the interior so I can insulate it. We also ordered the lumber to build a 22x24 foot run off the front of building. It's coming later today, I'm up early... EXCITED!

    I will update the pictures as I progress... Thx for your interest BTW our CHICKS come MONDAY the 9th!
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    I think that is going to be an awesome coop and run! Your birds will be happy. Your property looks really beautiful. Lucky you! How many birds are you getting? What breeds? Just curious. Looks like a great project.[​IMG]
  3. Forgot to mention I have been busy clearing some bush on the back of the property as we intend on fencing about an acre to separate the chickens from our dogs! the coop and run will be in the fenced area. The chicks will be in the garage brooder for about a month or so, I believe I have time to finish clearing the bush and get the fence in!
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    Oh ! The possibilities are endless !!!! I am jealous ! Cant wait to see what you come up with !
  5. DancingHen I ordered 76 chicks, a bunch of different breeds... check out my page for 2011 spring order list. They come on Monday WOO HOO!


    I got my wood yesterday, WOO HOO!

    We laid a plywood floor down. We are going to pick up the vinyl flooring today, to cover it!

    I'll post pictures when I'm done!
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    Great start there, Thunder Bay! Good luck with all the construction!
  7. THX OC Lady, I appreciate it! [​IMG]

    Well, here are the pictures from today, ENJOY!

    While I was excited to get started we had to run into town to get vinyl first!

    We put down plywood (screwed in) first.


    We laid the vinyl floor. Actually it's to nice for coop but for the sake of easier clean up we went for it! Also you can see the new windows installed in this picture. (from the inside view)


    I built A 24"X 18" Vent. Opens and shuts with the pull of a rope from outside. Used old window for exterior, I put hard wire cloth on both sides of interior has welded wire too. Thanks to all the BYC experts... I used screws with washers to secure it all, then framed it in.


    I then stained the vent, door frame/trim and all four windows trim. ( had a can left over from a garage project used it on my brooder and now my coop!


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    WOW!! I could live there! That looks great!
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    How much to rent a room in your new house... I mean coop?
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    I think it looks like it going to be adorable, I love the cottage vibe I get from it. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


    I think window flower boxes would look cute [​IMG]

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