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we are getting closer this weekend we have to cut out the window spots, Make the door. and Put on the shingles both roof and siding. Its 8x8. The run will be done after the coop is finished! Who uses a concrete pad? I'm debating concrete verse dirt with Wire mesh apron? I'm on the fence
about it one day concrete sounds great then next I think dirt is more natural for them.
I don't like concrete, because I may want to move my coop one day and like having that option. But it does make for a nice, sturdy coop. Yours is coming along! I'm in the process of making an 8x8 as well, I just want it done! Haha
I'm using concrete. Chose it because we already had a slab we laid down years ago, to idea protection from predators digging. I use play sand mixed with sweet PDZ and scoop like cat litter box. I like it. I just have to make sure to turn and shift the sand after rains. It gets moist but not muddy. But if I don't mix it up then it stays damp beneath the surface. Learned it the hard way. Mine is not the best way nor worst, but it's working for me.
i really want this thing done. we are on week 2 of construction since the weekends are the only time we have to work on it. and with three kids 5 and under they are less than helpful. But they are excited about it. I think my neighbors think I'm making a tree house for the kids. we are in suburbia so a chicken coop is the last thing they would think of.
pros and cons of each.

I think that in your situation I would go with dirt...then if you ever have to move, you taking the coop with you, or selling it and making it 'disappear' so the house is more marketable are maybe easier options.
Yeah plus concrete is also an additional. We are likely going to move in 5 years breaking a concrete slab for selling purposes would be much harder.
We payed our slab years ago, hubby was going to put a shed on it. County immediately taxed it, went up $10.00. So we put a picnic table on it and that was that. Now 1/3rd of it has the coop. I'm already thinking about adding to the run on the other 1/3rd. I don't think they have enough room, or rather, I want them to have more room. Hubby is not open to more work right now. We aren't moving any time soon, if we do the buyer will just have to inherent a slab. Placing on dirt is just fine. Some put down a garden cloth and cover with sand or deep litter because they will scratch dirt all up. Then a muddy mess. Good luck and post pics:D
I like what you've done and I'd stick with dirt. Our next chicken house will be on concrete but that's because the current one has a plywood floor only a foot or so off the ground and it will rot out in another year or two. Yours is high enough to be useful (shade, protection, hang feeders, etc.) and repair.

Concrete would be great for cleaning out but dirt is self-cleaning with any reasonable number of chickens. Save the concrete for next time.
Thanks I decided on the dirt. The roof is on I stained two bundles of shakes this weekend so those will be going up soon the project is starting to kill my budget thank goodness I already bought the wire and hardware.
I know about budget. The good news is the setting up process is the most expensive. Now that our building is complete, we spend very little on feed and care. All those things are low cost. We tried not to but still ended up spending $700 on the coop. That was our vacation money.

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