My Coops! "Metal roof, A-frame"

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    Feb 18, 2012
    Well I have not been on BYC in a while and I had to make a new account. I thought I would start with some Pics of my coops and a bit of history on me, my chickens and coops.
    I first got into chickens thanks to my little sister, she is pretty flighty and when she gets tired of something I always seem to be the one following through with it (dogs, cats, chickens rabbits....) I am 24 and she is 22.
    Anyhow, about 2 years ago she and her boyfreind purchased a house in the country. She purchased 20 chickens and let them run around for a while untill her and the boyfreind split, at which time she moved in with my grandparents in a nice neighborhood, 4 chickens were still alive at that point. Well after a few weeks of roaming the neighborhood they had wore out their welcome, my sister was not takeing care of them and grandma wanted them gone. So I got the call... "Willy would you please come up here and do something with these birds that are pooping everywhere."
    I picked up the four hens who had just started to lay their first eggs, as well as a homemade "impractical" coop.
    I live in the city, but I do have almost 2 acres. I also have really good neighbors who all enjoy haveing them around.
    For the rest of the summer "2010" and that winter they stayed in their shack that I built a small homemade fence around. By spring I knew something had to be done, the coop had no roosting polls, no real nesting boxes "though I retrofitted it with some", no vents and one ever thought about it haveing to be cleaned some day.
    I went out first thing in the spring and got to work, I built 3 enclosures 1. fullsize chicken coop 2. a brooder for some new chicks that I decided to get. 3. a smaller coop for the chicks for between being indoors and going into the big coop.
    long story short, recently my EE's seemed to get picked on a bit and I ended up moveing our 2 EE's back to the smaller a-frame.
    "I did do some changes to the small A-frame before I moved the EE's back, will have to get some new pics of that"

    I am happy to say that the original "4" are doing great and are around 2 years of age now. My 1 year old chicks are also doing well.
    This was my first shot a coop building, I am pretty good with my hands though. I spent 2 days building the big coop, and another day to build the small coop and brooder for chicks. Also took another day for the fence, plus had provided beer so my cousin would help.
    There are a couple of things I would change, overall I have been very happy with them. They have been in use for almost a year now.
    Anywho, here is some pics of my coops. I did add a light and stuff, but not shown in these pics, it also has detachable tires.
    Starting with the old inherrited coop and then the ones that I built.
    Thanks for reading and please feel free to make any suggestions or ask any questions you might have.

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    Good for you! Love the A-frame. [​IMG]
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    Welcome back to BYC!! [​IMG] Love the coops and I bet your girls do too!!

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