My Crested duck fusses and tries to fight the turkey


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Jun 12, 2021
Hi everyone in backyard chickens family. I am new to this sight and have so many questions. First off we have a mixed turkey named Grace, a little white chicken named Sarah, a Road Island red named Tamara (had a Tia but she died very young), a Crested white duck named Sunshine, another white duck (not crested) named Goldie. They have their own YouTube channel the Backyardichicks. We also have two Frizzles that look like little black crows. Recently we got 4 chickens by mail. Three silkies (black, white and tan color) and one an egg layer. The turkey and the duck are best friends but a few days ago the duck started fussing with the turkey. They are both 5 months old. I am far from being an expert raising these beautiful creatures but I think it's because I bought the second duck who is maybe almost 3 months old. I think he is showing off to her and tries to Chase away the frizzles who sees her like a mom. They are about 2 months old and stays close to the duck and screams if they get separated. Even the duck (not crested) makes so much noise if they get picked up. Anyway why did the crested duck start fussing and turned on the turkey then it's ok again? Is that normals behavior? The turkey seemed sad and puffs up now all the time and dont wanna eat her banana sometimes especially when the duck gets in her face and starts quacking. I think the crested duck is a boy and the other regular duck is a girl. Confused about that too cause I'm guessing one is male and the other female but I'm not sure. I looked it up and they say listen to the quacks but I still don't know. Also why does the turkey jump on our cars? Is that normal?
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Hi and welcome to BYC. I have no experience of the issues raised, though I’m sure others will be along soon to advise. This link may help you navigate the site - “How to...” guides

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