My daughter won 1st place in the school science fair!

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    She is in a K-8 school and won with our Easter Hatch chicks.

    We had a broody with 10 eggs that hatched 9
    We had two incubators with 102 eggs that hatched 45.

    Her premise was that the hen would do better

    She did pictures, data, graphs, boiled eggs to show the different colors, Blue, Green, White, Brown, Marans Brown etc...

    The judges gave her first place and so did the kids in the school via popular vote!

    I'm certain that there were some 7th & 8th grade parents who were not happy that a 2nd grader won.

    (even my wife was upset because now how is she going to top that for the next 6 years?)

    I think I've got a new hatchoholic in the family now!

    What she didn't put in the data is that 7 of the 9 that were hatched by the hen ended up being ROOS!
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    WTG!!! Sounds like she put a lot of time and effort into it! She deserved to win! Guess those bigger kids will have to do better next year!

    Maybe next she could do one on the ratio of pullets to roos when hatching!!
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    2nd grade??? Whoa, you have a little Einstein on your hands. Congrats!!!!
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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! that is great [​IMG]
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    Cool, could do next one on composting chicken poo
    and how things grow better in
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    Tell the little on CONGRATULATIONS [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Congrats! I remember doing a hamster project comparing feed types when I was in third grade. The one with the supplements of course had a better coat and health. Maybe comparing feed types for chickens next year free range versus grain fed? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    That's awesome! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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