My daughters and my new adventure with chickens sorry long

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    As many of you know I work at an elementary school and besides teaching computer lab (typing and ed programs) I have another room side by side to the computer lab that is In School Supension. Most people think it would have to be the worst job in the world. Somedays it's rough and some days I leave school crying over a broken heart.

    panner123 was talking about using chickens as therapy with older adults. I have it planned to go a counseling clinic that is involved with our schools. They take the children after school till parents come home and then during the summer. I plan volunteer some each week and take my chickens to the day camp. I'm hoping these kids can play with these chickens and love them so they can get love back. The Clinic was so excited to have a program like this with the chickens. I asked about our goat that thinks she is a dog. So we will take her the next week.

    I use to do graphics on the big screens at different events. One night I was working at a Hall of Fame of Bass Fisherman. One of the men that was being honored has on the back of his business card "teach a child all about God and teach them all about fishing so when they become a teenager they will have hope in life. " He then said that fishing was his big thing but you could but horses, chickens or any worth while hobby in the spot.

    The more I work with kids I realize how much that is so true. SO many children don't have anything or anybody to love them and I can just see where if I can help get them involved in chickens or animals. They will have something to love them back.

    Sorry to be so long but I love kids and it's so sad to see what they have to live in.....I don't know if I could function.

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    I think that is a wonderful idea, Jackie. I would love to hear how it goes.

    I worked in CPS for 14 years for the state of Nebraska and it just broke my heart sometimes how most of these kids need somethin like what you are speaking of.

    Good luck!

    [​IMG] Jill
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    What a great idea! Please keep us updated.

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