My daughter's first Sax Solo

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    Cheyenne is a first year band student who was placed in concert band instead of cadet band...the band for beginners. So she has been behind the curve from the get go but she has put in the time, dedication and so forth that she has made excellent strides in catching up and surpassing some of the 2nd and 3rd year students. A week ago her band teacher informed her that he wanted her to do a solo at the winter concert tonight. So, she began preparing and practicing Amazing Grace....she and I had to actually look up the fingering for a G7 chord because they had no music with it in it. well tonight was the concert and I am so proud of her, I wanted to share some pictures. Unfortunately, I was playing band mom when she was doing her solo so the pictures are from a distance.

    Cheyenne on the left and Kiana on the right before they went to the stage


    Her band teacher introducing Cheyenne for her solo


    Her playing her little heart out in front of the choir with a packed gym watching


    She made one mistake but recovered and kept she finished and I was very very proud of her for doing such a good job and completing the solo. she got a loud whooping and standing ovation by the parents and teachers because she kept playing and finished....rather than giving up when she made a mistake.

    Her and some of the other horn and wind section of the concert band



    What really impresses me with my daughter's determination and drive....she is severely asthmatic and has breathing issues. She chose the Alto Sax to overcome some of her breathing issues and play a fun instrument. She takes her inhaler with her everywhere and she takes medication daily for her asthma and has a nebulizer at home but she is fighting back through music. YAY!
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    That's awesome!

    Cheyenne, you ROCK!
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    Thank you! I shall pass it on to her in the morning. [​IMG]
  4. kathyinmo

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    [​IMG] Atta girl, Cheyenne! Whooo Hoooo [​IMG]

    I mean, come on .... what an honor, a first year playing solo! Holy cow! [​IMG]

    It takes real determination and fortitute to play an instrument well. To play even with asthma is simply amazing!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Tell that lovely child that she was extremely mature and PROFESSIONAL in her behavior- always keep singing/playing -the mistake doesn't matter in the long run.
    Atta girl,Cheyenne!!!!!!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    How wonderful! What a beautiful girl she is!

    My 12 yr old has asthma, too. We found summer is best for her. Swimming with lots of underwater diving really strengthens her lungs and air capacity. Here the school systems focuses on orchestra with string instruments. A viola doesn't help with building her lungs. LOL
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    You know how I feel about Cheyenne! Seems right in character for that wonderful young lady. Please hug her for me!
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    That is so awsome! [​IMG] You go girl [​IMG]
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    What an amazing young lady! I know you are so proud!
    P.S. - You can sure tell who her mom is - she looks so very much like the pics of you that I have seen!

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