11 Years
Oct 21, 2008
Raleigh N.C.
I just came home to a chicken lovers worst nightmare. I went into the barn to shut my chicks up 6 quality silkies and a pair of black cochins. And they were scattered all over the place
. I just stopped I was in shock. They killed my best ones but didnt touch my mixed breed chicks.
I worked so hard to raise them I bought them as eggs and it was my first hatch.
I was planning on breeding and showing but I will have to start over.

I have been crying my eyeballs out.

Oh by the way it was my dogs and I feel like getting my gun a shooting them all
. But im not.
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I am so sorry for you! Especially that it was your own dogs. I imagine that makes it worse.
I think the ones that we baby and pamper just don't run away as quickly when the danger comes, you know? My friendliest ones are the first ones in an attack or theft. Makes me sick.

So sorry for your loss!

oh no!!! I'm so sorry - what a terrible find. well take a deep breath and keep on keepin' on. and its ok to cry your eyeballs out... i'm so sorry
Losing chicks is a heartache.

If you know which dog did it you may be able to take this
as an opportunity to train it not to kill chicks.
If you know which dog it was take a dead chicken and scold him with it. I know it sounds awful but I was told to do that with my dogs and it worked. Sorry for your loss.

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