My decrepit chicken is decrepit again

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    So I don't know if you guys remember but back in April, I got a free chick with two turkey poults that I bought. It seemed normal and then and an issue with it's leg where it couldn't stand right, and it's legs seemed to stretch out from it's body and not stay close to it. The chicken was very wobbly. I was going to put it down but then kept it and it suddenly got well. So well that it could run around really well. Well now it's back to the same way it was. It flops around, it wants to eat, etc and looks fine when it is sitting there but it's legs don't work right. What the heck has caused this to change again??
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    Oct 18, 2007
    I'd cover all the nutrition bases first to rule that out. Try poultry vitamins (petsmart sells them) or Aviacharge in the water.
    Give her some hard boiled eggs, some yogurt & some greens. What type of feed are you giving her now?
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    I agree completely and if you have access to an avian vet I'd consult. Some birds seem to devour nutritional components like Vitamins B, D and E more than others. I'm assuming this chicken has a commercial feed and access to grit and calcium, whether in the feed or separately?

    Just in case, search Marek's disease, though it is more likely to be a vitamin deficiency.

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