My delaware hen needs a sweater! Cheap! (cheep?)


11 Years
Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
My poor delaware hen is practically naked. She resembles a very sad supermarket chicken more than she does a living, breathing bird. She is well taken care of, and the rooster doesn't have access to her anymore, but It's vermont, and she's never going to grow back enough feathers to keep warm by the time snow flies! I want something warm and not so scratchy on her naked back, maybe with velcro, ties or snaps? maximum I can spend is 10 bucks i think, we've got 3 kids, and not much income. She doesn't even lay eggs, but I don't want to cull her, not if there's a chance she can be comfy-cozy through the winter... anyone take paypal? Her favorite colors are blue and green...

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