My Delaware injured her comb!!!

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    2 days ago I was letting my chickens out of their run. All of them left, but one stayed behind. She couldn't figure out how to get out and panicked. In the panic she tore part of her comb. It wasn't enough for me to trim it, but it was bleeding enough that I didn't want to let her be with the other chickens as I've heard the taste of blood makes them "savages". I separated her from the rest of the chickens. She is in a rabbit cage with plenty of food and water, and I've been treating her comb with some medicated chicken spray I got at the farm store. It's healing nicely and she is eatting and drinking well, but now I'm wondering if 2 days is long enough of a healing period. It's scabbed over and doesn't seem to bother her, but I don't want to re introduce her to her sisters too early and they re open the wound. Please help. Im a first time chicken mother and am not sure how long is long enough of a healing period in this situation.
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    Any photos?

    Can you cage her in the run with the other chickens? This will help with reintegrating her - if she is separated from them too long (without them all seeing each other) you may have problems with her going back into the flock.

    You may want to at least give her "supervised" visits to see if anyone notices the injury. They will most likely give her a few pecks-sort of like scolding her for being gone, so be prepared for that, as long as no one is intentionally going for the wound or drawing blood, then you can decide from there whether she's ready to be back fully with the flock or if she needs to be caged separately but where she can be seen. Some people have success with using something like Blu Kote to "hide" the wound. Barring any infection, combs heal fairly well with no problems.

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