My DH is making me want to scream... (vent)


11 Years
Jul 31, 2008
ok I am sure we as mostly adults have some things we have in our possession that are ok for adults but not on for kids... right?..... get yr mind out of the gutter!

On our main computer which the kids have no access to cause it has a password on it... on that computer we have:
All of the blue collar comedy tour
Eddie Murphy
Adam sandler

this is fine for adults but not for kids right... (just nod and smile here)

well DH in his infinite wisdom decide to link DS (12 yrs old) computer to the main desk top to make it easier to load the IPOD...

well ds was just listening to ipod and was laughing so i was like.... hmmm... dear.... what are you listening to?

and then i seen the display...

why cant some people think before they act i have just spent HOURS deleting stuff off the ipod and removing it from itunes and severing the link with the main computer

now i get to do my mommy chores that i wanted to do this morning...

vent over...thanks
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glad i caught it before he got to school in the morning and I got called to the principals office
LOL always in trouble, you.

of course my life would be boring without trouble
How about you put all of your more "grown up stuff" in a separate directory and turn file sharing onto the music stuff only?
its easier to restrict access... there are over 3000 music files alone then there is the videos of the comedy routines ext.... promise no XXX stuff
Did you and your husband together agree that these shows were off limits for your son? I ask because if this was a decision that you made and informed your husband about, he might not agree with your stance. If he thinks that you are being overly protective or are incorrect about how bad the particular shows are then he won't be as careful as you would like.

You need to make certain that you and your hubby are on the same page about this issue.
DH and I are on the same page cause i told him so....LOL... (jk)

DH just was not thinking .... its like when there is a box of old car magazines sittin in a box in the basement and son asks mom or dad if he can look at them just to find out low and behold there was "other" mags in there too ...but they forgot that the other questionable mags were in there...

DH under estimates the kids all the time and i dont mean that in a bad way.... last weekend he let DD "play" with the drill she was standing right next to him he was "watching" her... next thing we knew she had her hair tangled in the drill ... he forgot she has long hair and should have out it back in a pony tail

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