My DH left the eggs in his car...


8 Years
Jul 6, 2011
...he took a dozen eggs to his office to give to an employee. Forgot about them and left them in the car all day. He was parked in the shade all day. We do not have a rooster, so there is no chance of any of them being fertile. Prior to him taking them I had them stored in our fridge. He put them back in the fridge when he brought them home. Do you think they will be okay or should I pitch them. It was probably at least 80 degrees in the car at some point yesterday.
They are fine-many people do not refridgerate their eggs. I f we go camping, we bring eggs. Great protein, filling and needs no refridgeration. I will put them in the fridge at home, they will last longer but not necessary, esp for 1 day.
I think they will be fine. It gets much, much hotter here in Mississippi, and sometimes eggs stay in nest boxes overnight, and no probs. Just in case tho, ya might wanna crack each egg into a bowl separately as you use them, just to be safe.
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