My dog got my little polish barn chicken and she has a huge gash on her back

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    She is very tame, and when I saw lady with her, I picked her up, snuggled her in my arm and took her to the barn, placed her in a big plastic box, put a screen over the top and added food and water for her.

    Can't afford to take her to the vet, but am worried about that big gash between her wings on her back. It is probably 1-1/2 inches long and open - over a half inch. No blood, and does not look as though the muscles underneath are torn, looks like a tooth broke and tore the skin. Could use some stitches, and while I have sutures here, I'm thinking it might be better to just let it heal since there could be germs in it from Lady's mouth.

    I've had chickens have their whole scalp taken off by other chickens and a cracked skull, but I could put pine tar on it, and it healed without infection just fine. This is a different area, and not sure if I should put something one it like providone iodine, or something. Of course since she is so tramatized, I did not do a thorough exam, so unsure if she may have any broken bones - will give her some time to just rest, but am worried about infection - dog's mouths are not the cleanest.

    Suggestions please!
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    Since it's been awhile since the original wound, I would not suture. Good old fashioned soap & water to clean it out, neosporin to the wound. If you can get some broad spectrum antibiotic powder from the local TSC or farm shop, dose her accordingly. There is recommended dosing here on the learning center tab, I believe. Try to keep it covered otherwise the flies will be laying eggs in the wound. Good luck, [​IMG]

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