My dog grabbed my chicken.

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    Apr 28, 2011
    She is an "easter-egger" as they call them. When I first got her my dog grabbed her as she passed since they are free range. She was fine, but was missing several feathers on her back. She was obviously very stressed. I put her in her coop and shut the door and she immediately hopped in the nesting box. The next morning I found an egg she laid. There was a thin spot on the egg, but I figure that is because she needs more calcium. She is two years old and was a historically good laying hen before I bought her. However, since the morning after the dog grabbed her, that was the first and only egg she has laid while in my possession. I am wondering what happened. She is perfectly mobile and even likes to perch on the top branches of a tree in my front yard. I even tried keeping her in the coop with the door shut for four days straight so I could see if she is laying. I thought she may be laying eggs in our bushes and I just wasn't finding them. However, after her being in the coop for four days and not laying an egg, I figured she has simply quit laying. That was two weeks ago and still no eggs. Any ideas on what may have happened or advice on how to fix it?
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    It could be alot of things. The heat. Molting. Moving to a different enclosure. Stress. Calcium. Getting or loosing coop mates. Feed. Worms.

    I have a hen that prefers to sit on eggs than lay them. I had an EE that laid a few eggs then stopped and never laid another. I had a production red that laid an egg everyday year round till she went into molt. then didn't start back up again for a while after. I have a couple oegb's that lay every now and then.
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    I know this doesn't help much but one of my chickens laid about 6 eggs and stopped! She still is perfectly fine and acting normal. 4 years later no eggs. You maybe able to get her to lay again but im not sure.
    Hope someone steps in and helps!
    Daisy. xx
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    Her first egg may have already been developing when you got her. Chickens often stop laying when moved to a new environment. That'sone reason some people try to get 4-mo-old pullets, so they're adjusted by the time theyre old enough to lay. If she is happy and healthy otherwise, don't worry about it right now. Wait and see if she starts laying again in another month.

    You usually can't get instant laying chickens...there is some time investment first. I had a friend who a bought a young black sex link who started laying the first day at her house, but that is not the rule, it was an exception. And sex links are specifically bred to be high production layers.

    Good luck and enjoy getting to know her!

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