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    I'm picking up two pullets at the Indiana Chickenstock this weekend, and needed a small temporary coop to house them while they're in quarantine. I found this doghouse on CL for $50, which was probably too much, as it was falling apart (not the best construction, plus had been put together wrong - but it had lots of potential) literally fell apart while I was trying to load I didn't even try to talk the girl down, as she was due to deliver a baby any day now, so could sure use the money. So I spent yesterday putting it back together, adding support boards, redoing the hinges so half the roof would lift up for clean-ups, etc. It actually has a thin layer of foam insulation in the ceiling and three walls. I still need to caulk, add a door, and add a solid floor board either painted or w/scrap vinyl, but I think it'll work great for the two girls I'm getting! I love the little windows (one in back wall too)! They had plexiglass, which was easy to replace with hw cloth. There's a little over 8 ft. of inside space...

    PS: These dog houses cost @$180 new. They're very cute, but unless they're being kept under a carport or something, based on what I've seen with this one, I don't think they're worth that much money...don't hold up well to the elements.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Cute. Nice work shoring it up. It looks serviceable.
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    Its very cute. I think I recognize what kind of dog house that is. I definately agree they are like most pre-fab chicken coops I've seen - look nice but not durable in the elements AT ALL. - I would cover it with polyurethane outside, and paint with semi-gloss exterior latex paint on the inside, then caulk the edges/corners. This will help it go along way to lasting for you.
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    May 29, 2010
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    Looks like it will work perfect, looks good to![​IMG]
  5. gryeyes

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    Scoop! Niiice. I like the colors, too. Nice job with the hinged top and hardware cloth windows.

    (I'm still trying to find more Little Tike playhouses to make a playhouse coop CITY.)
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    I have that exact same doghouse coop- you are right- the materials are a little thin, but I use it as a quarantine house, and it is under a tarp so the rain doesn't hit it. I put hardware cloth in the window, and made a door for it- that is a good thought to use some insulation in the ceiling for the winter.

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