My dog is eating my compost ingredients!!!!!


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Jun 6, 2012
Townsville, Australia
Has anyone had this problem? My dog is eating all the vegetables that I have buried in my compost! She has just discovered my new compost heap, the little bugger. She will sit there and watch me bury the scraps, and then in the dark of the night, she has dug it all up, and has gobbled on most of my scraps, which are mostly cabbage leaves.

On a positive note, she is helping me turn the pile :eek:) She loves cabbage, so maybe I just hold off on the cabbage! I have a piece of carpet that I might have to throw on the pile and hold it down with a few bricks, but knowing my little brown dog, she will drag the carpet off the top to get to the food. It's so frustrating, as she is always being naughty. I have to lock her indoors and out of sight when I plant new plants, as she loves digging them up, too. Any ideas on what I can do?
Easier solution.

Just get some habenero peppers and jalepeno's carefully chop it up with the seeds and all. put it into a pot with boiling water and some vinegar to help break down the peppers.

Pour the solution over the new compost pile.

After the first time the dog stick his nose into the pile, he wont do it again.

The pickled jalepenos my father made many many years ago was so hot even I couldn't eat it. It literally made my throat close up. He didn't want to waste it so he poured over the compost pile to keep the coyotes/coons away. Well it turned out to be someone's German shepherd digging. And he was howling from having the stuff on his nose and his muzzle.

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