My dog killed 3 of my turkeys today


11 Years
May 15, 2008
A pug did all this damage he killed 1 and left 2 each missing an eye and bleeding everywhere. I am so peeed about this. they have always been together and personally I thought the turkeys would kick pug but if he messed with them. I have to go finish cleaning birds Im just venting for a sec . I was not mentally prepared today for slaughtering, plucking and all that. Got my daughters city boyfriend from the bronx to finish one off for me but now hes sick so I got noone to help.
RIP alright I,m thinking of stuffed pug for supper. One is still alive haved put him down yet but going to after this break. 1 weighs 16 lbs now that its gutted and ready for the freezer, the second one I skinned and took the wings off so its breast and legs and only weighs 10 lbs. I think he took out the 3 bigger ones and left me 2 small girls. That fool comes right over to me with blood all over him and a feather hanging out his mouth acting like he didnt do nothing wrong. Im still ticked
I used to have my dogs and chickens all free ranged. For a year things were all fine. Then this last spring my dog decided she wanted to kill my smallest, cutest cochin. Why animals will do the dumbest things who knows. Then just last week when I think I have my duck nest protected with a 4' wall of plywood my fat english bulldog somehow manages to jump over and eat all 13 of her eggs. I could've hit my dog on the head with a shovel and I wouldn't have felt bad at all. I was sooooo p~~~~ed!!! I'm sorry to hear about the trouble your going through.
well the last one weighed 15 so i guess they were all the bigger ones, Im so mad still I might get rid of that dog since he will problely want to get my chickens if he gets a chance. who knows but if I stay this mad he will go.

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