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    I have 2 Husky/Pit/German Shepherd mix dogs that are both about 9 and a half years old. One of them is extremely aggressive with both people and animals (other than small dogs) and the other is the nicest guy ever, but very aggressive when it comes to other animals such as birds. About 4 months ago my parents gave me 4 chicks and a small cage for my birthday. I fed them by hand and they became my little companions. I kept them in my front yard and i'd let them out to roam for about 2-3 hours a day while being supervised. Well one day, one of my dogs (the nice guy) got loose and was able to catch and kill two of my chickens. It was horrible to watch my pet do that and since then i've never allowed my remaining two chickens to roam free. :\

    Anyways, my boyfriend just finished building me a really strong, sturdy coop and chicken run (my mom was complaining about having chickens in the front yard) and we have it in our fenced in back yard. My dogs are tied up outside the fence, and I want to move my chickens in there. The problem is I know my dogs will go crazy. Luckily they have strong chains and have not gotten loose since we replaced their chains after one killed my chickens, but i'm traumatized at the thought of having them near my chickens. I need help on how I might be able to solve this problem? I can't get rid of the dogs, & i'd prefer not to get rid of my chickens since I finally have an amazing coop, but if I have to i will.

    Also, the fence won't keep my dogs out, they are experienced in climbing and opening the gates. (They all have locks now though, & it takes them a while to eventually climb over it so I'll have a chance to tie them back up) & from experience I know my dogs will get used to them and stop trying to get loose but until that happens..

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you. [:
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    If you have your birds in a run, I would suggest enclosing the top of that run so that even if the dogs were to climb the fencing, they can't simply drop in there.

    That being said, if the dogs want to get to the birds badly enough, they'll find a way. What kind of fencing do you have around the coop? I just wonder if there's a way to make it non-scalable, depending on what it is.
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