My dogs and my chicks

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by 2mnypets, Apr 14, 2007.

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    Apr 11, 2007
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    I just got done reading a thread in the pest and predators page. They were talking about the dogs chasing the hawks again from the chickens or the coops. It reminded me of something one of my Newfies did the other day. Mind you I have 4 of them and no one weighs under a 100 lbs. Our youngest chicks are almost 3 weeks old and we have quite the set up in the family room. Digital camera not working atm, but trying to get in touch with brother in law to borrow his. Anyway, I was on the computer at this website when I heard all 15 of the chicks going crazy. I jumped out and ran to the family room. To my amazement, I found one of the 3 week old chicks laying between 2 of my Newfies and one of them was bathing the chick. The chick was cold cause he was soaking wet and was screaming to get warm. Hence, they all decided to scream in unison.

    I put the chick back....bad mommy for I forgot to put the lid back on the brooder and lil Houdini escaped. My dogs were so upset though. Poor Charm just whined and whimpered unitl later on that day I brought it back out to show her it was ok. It was only then after careful examination and sniffing did Charm turn on her heels and went and layed down.

    Now my older chicks who are almost 5 weeks old are still in their brooder box. We are working as fast as we can to get the coop built. They are curious about the dogs. I know I'm probably insane but I lay an old blanket down and let the chicks run loose in the family room while I clean out the brooder. It's been too cold here to let them get some real fresh air. Anyway, the dogs entertain the chicks....the chicks will ride the dogs back all around the family room. They love the Newfie fur because all 4 of the dogs are blowing their winter coats. So the chicks can peck and pull dog hair out and drop it and then do it again. The dogs love it because it feels so good. I like it cause that's less I have to brush out. Good thing I have a good back and vaccum cleaner. [​IMG]

    Just had to share the amazing way animals can interact with one another. But then again we are talking about my house and my mother (if she saw this right now) would just shake her head and say "Yep, that's Julie for you". [​IMG]
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    Sounds like your newfies would be good Livestock Guardian Dogs.

    Definitely need pictures, lol.

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    2mnypets, i love your website for you newfie babes. we have just one big girl and a pyrennes. i've been wondering if she will do right by my chicks. our pyrennes is bred for livestock protection, her name is "Least'n", she was the runt of our litter. our newfie's name is " Abby". so far... she lays by the fence and watches, occasionally she will tease them by pawing the fence. i've let her smell one of the chicks butts... but she went to nip at it's tail. so i've not let her again since then. pyrennes and newfies are cousin's in the dog world, so i'm wondering how she will respond to my peeps if i let them free range when they are mature. they are 6 wks right now. Least'n is use to chicks, but Abby... well, i have to wonder. Funny thing is though, the chicks don't give a care when the Pyrennes barks, but when Abby does...... with that deep woof of hers, they head for cover.

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