my dogs eye is red, wgat could it be?


Mar 5, 2017
hi everyone, I have a lad mix and yesterday I seen that her eye is red all around it and she has eye boogers coming from that eye, I don't know why her eye is so red and she could not really hold it open yesterday, so I was wondering if it cold be pink eye, I don't know how she would have gotten pink eye because she has not been anywhere that she could have gotten it. I was wondering if it would go away on its own. or if I should take her to the vet. I have been putting a warm washcloth on it. but I was just wanting to know if I should be worried. thank you for your help


Free Ranging
7 Years
Feb 12, 2015
North Florida
A vet would be best. There could be an injury to/ulceration of the eye, could be bacterial infection. It will probably need eye drops or ointment, but it would be best to have the vet take a look to determine for sure what's going on so as not to risk permanent damage to the eye.

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