My Drake is being so mean to my ducklings!!!!!!!


9 Years
Apr 25, 2011
So O originally had four Cayuga ducks three female and one male but two girls got taken by predators. So I ordered two more ducklings, females, and they are know about four weeks old. We keep them separate from the drake, Hank and his girl Daffi-Dill, they are separated by a pen so they can see and smell each other in the coop. Every time we try to put them together Hank attacks the ducklings and today he pulled out some flight feathers and she was bleeding :(

Will this get better as they get older or will he always reject them? I got them for him but so far he hates them, the poor things! My adult female duck, Daffi-Dill, is fine with them it is just cranky Hank that is the problem!!

Thanks for your help!
It should fade once a pecking order is established. However, I would not advise putting 4 week olds in with adults. They can still kill them. I would wait until at least 8 weeks but more likely 12 if he is a aggressive drake
I had similar problem, have 2 ruens,2 cayuga, and younger crested ducks. I seperated the ruens from the rest, for 2 nights. That solved the problem, when i put them all together there was no more ruens picking on crested ducks. I hope this might help.

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